Amanda and husband, Harry, on the beach in Maui
Hi, I'm Amanda Garr
Firstborn, Enneagram 3, Virgo. Yes, I like things perfectly perfect.

Not a bad quality for someone planning one of the most important trips of your life!  

Since I was a preschooler devouring my New Book of Knowledge encyclopedia pages on far off destinations such as Greece, Australia, and Hawaii, I have been obsessed with all things travel and culture. I wanted to know and experience places beyond my small Midwestern town. Flash forward (several!) decades and I am able to realize my dream of traveling the world and helping others do so, too. 

After planning my own destination wedding in Hawaii, I set out to help others make this wonderful experience even better--by taking away the stress and overwhelm involved in planning and booking travel for not only yourself, but 30+ others as well.  Destination wedding planning has become a true love and passion for me!

I  have the heart of a teacher, because, well, I was a teacher! I start by listening to you to ensure we get a great match in destination and property as well as educating you on options and places you never knew about.  

I can't wait to meet you!


1)  Why use Maribek Travel Co. instead of booking online myself?  

I hear you.  I've booked online myself for almost all my trips.  Even my own destination wedding!  But, through that process I learned why a professional is so important.  Not only would it have saved me stress, a pro would have known how to avoid some of the mistakes I made without industry contacts and knowledge.  And really, it's not more expensive to use the resources of a professional! (for the rooms and wedding packages) 

2) Do you charge a fee?  

We do charge a design fee, yes.  This fee is in compensation for the hours spent researching and designing a custom wedding or honeymoon proposal. This fee is well worth the time and energy you will save Googling yourself into oblivion.  Instead of you calling and emailing with 15 properties or vendors, I do that! 

You might encounter "no fee" advisors out there, and of course there are the online companies you can find via Google, but the bargain price means no personal service.  We only work with a select number of couples at a time so we give the BEST personal service.  This is our hallmark. 

3) Will you help my guests?

YES!  And this may be the best part of working with a professional on your destination wedding.  Who wants to field questions from 20 friends and family on a group chat?  Leave that to me!  We will have a dedicated site for your wedding and for your guests  

4) What is your fee? 

Destination weddings:  797.00 

Honeymoons: 197.00

Group trips: 197.00 per couple

5) What's the difference between a destination wedding planner and a destination wedding travel advisor?  

Good question.  At Maribek, we are your travel advisors.  We plan, book, and troubleshoot all of yours (and your guests') problems related to travel and accommodations.  A destination wedding planner is generally on site and will help with all the details related to the ceremony and onsite events.  

We do have relationships with onsite personnel including the wedding planning team! 

6) How much time do I need to plan my destination wedding?  

Ideally, destination weddings are planned with 14-16 months of lead time.  This way, we have our first choice in location as well as our first choice in rooms and amenities.  Also, your guests will need adequate time to plan for this vacation. 

Let's chat!

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